Behavior modification

Behavioral problems in dogs are common and do not be ashamed of it, you have to try to solve it as soon as possible. They can appear at any time in our partner’s life, but especially in times of stress.

Price: 500Dkk/hour


  • Treat fears and phobias.
  • Treat anxiety.
  • Treat destructiveness in adult dogs
  • Treat aggressiveness towards other dogs, cats or people.
  • Treat abnormal behaviors.

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We will verify that the therapy is correct for your dog 

The first thing that will be done is to see what the problem is and where it comes from, then perform the necessary therapy and finally verify that this therapy is working


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Dog therapy project for children with problems.

Canine education and behavior modification.

Canine education and behavior modification.

Canine education and behavior modification.


At Ohana Dogtraining we collaborate and do workshops with companies, associations to help or support a cause.

Canine communication workshop

Knowing what our dogs are telling us is essential to have a good coexistence with them, this is what we call canine communication, it is a repertoire of non-verbal language with which dogs communicate and tell us how they feel or what is what they need.

Duration: 2 hours

Face-to-face modality

Smell workshop

The smell of dogs is immensely superior to ours, they know the world through their nose, the smells they pick up and a large part of their life is spent sniffing. When a dog stops sniffing, behavior problems such as stress, anxiety, or aggressiveness can arise. In this workshop we will learn how good it is that our dog smelled and fun exercises to do with him in a calm but didactic way.

Duration: 2 hours

Face-to-face modality

Learn to play with your dog workshop

Dogs have different ways of playing with other dogs or with people. Many times we play incorrectly with them and they get too nervous or addicted to balls. During this workshop we will see how dogs play with each other, what is a healthy game and what is the best way to play with our dog so as not to generate anxiety.

Duration: 2 hours

Face-to-face modality

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“The welfare of the dog isabove the objectives of any training program ”.