Titan Comics welcomes all distribution, and all sorts of submissions would be recommended directly by your editorial employees

Titan Comics

People, Creators, Achieved Runs

Titan Comics welcomes all distribution, and all submissions are going to be evaluated straight by your editorial staff. The two would rather obtain all submissions electronically. unique SLANT: The chances of these people obtaining your subject are generally significantly increased for those who are approaching us all as a writer/artist team, or you are actually an artist create yours title. These are generally continue to accessible to writer-only pitches, and perform read all supplied plots, so an electrifying principle will still pull through. Titana€™s desired formatting choosing and first television series is made for reviews are informed in four problems, all around 20-22 sites in length. If you’ve got a painter on board, observing skill products is important. Equally, if you should have already got a colorist and/or letterer as part of your teams, witnessing examples of her work, and ways in which they will communicate as a team, is key.

Valiant Activity

Music artists and authors may publish portfolios and before posted try to submissions@valiantentertainment

Comedian Submitting Standards for E-book Marketers

Writing Providers Who Serve Graphical Books

Niki Summers features curated a directory of literary representatives who represent graphical novels and comics. Every agencies with this listing enjoys discussed an interest in artwork novels either on their website or the company’s web log or created a GN salea€“ no second hand facts unless it was well vouched for.

Arthur A Levine Books

*There were currently no open needs submissions.

Arthur A. Levine magazines please do not accept unsolicited novel-length compositions straight-out.

They appear for good writing, gorgeous art, traditional sensation, and tricks or viewpoints they’vena€™t observed before, and enjoy working together with first writers and illustrators.

Except for pic publication dummies (discover below), all distribution are actually assessed using the internet through Submittable.

If you find yourself achieved making use of the content a€?There become currently no open demands submissions,a€? we hit our month-to-month limit on questions. Please wait until the very first day for the next month to submit the question.

If you’re submitting an image reserve dummy (full article and cases), it might be sent to these people by the mailing. (here is the merely rather question that’ll be established throughout the letters.)

Capstone Posting

Capstone are closed to unwanted submissions. However, these are generally usually trying to find unique authors and illustrators considering work-for-hire jobs.

If you should be looking for writing or illustrating efforts, make sure you fully familiarize yourself with the company’s books before calling all of them.

Capstone try dedicated offering marginalized neighborhoods. These people earnestly find very own sounds things that can contribute; kindly establish within your cover letter in the event you determine with a specific neighborhood.

Groundwood Submissions

PIC BOOKS:Due on the great number of distribution most of us receive, Groundwood regrets which we cannot recognize unsolicited compositions for photo literature.

NOVEL-LENGTH LITERARY COMPOSITION:We are seeking new writers of novel-length fiction for children of various age groups. Their unique mandate is to upload top-notch, character-driven literary fabrication. They never submit reports with an understandable moral or content, or genre fabrication for example thrillers or fantasy.Please submit a maximum of one manuscript during a period.

benefits GUIDELINES:Groundwood courses is looking for Canadian illustrators to understand the words of among Canadaa€™s excellent childrena€™s authors. Their stress is found on articles of true girls and boys in persuasive times and milieus, both latest and historical, for every years from newborns to kids. Methods might be reasonable or abstracted and styled to virtually degree, but conventional things to know when dating a Hindu cartoon and cartoon styles aren’t demanded.

Nonfiction illustrators may also be demanded: technical drawing-in natural background along with other areas, and historical repair are among the destinations we are fascinated about.

As well, they really need cover performers for a wide range of literary composition from beginning visitors to young sex.

You might even forward digital samples (PDFs, JPEGs, TIFFs) as email parts.

Teens Can Push Illustrator Directions

Family Can click like and look forward to observing cases of all types. Every guide is different, and can’t say for sure just what theya€™ll require with regards to illustration fashion.Send united states a message with your contact information and a hyperlink aimed at your website or accounts. Connect only one or two low-resolution JPEGs that better portray your projects.

Assortment Models

Multitude were using a shorter bust from acknowledging new submissions while we provide best consideration to most we’ve thus far got this current year.

Alongside literary/crime fabrication and literary/political nonfiction in addition, they write graphical books.

Graphic novels: documentary comics, graphic reportage, fiction, memoir and lives crafting, graphic medication.

Assortment welcomes distribution straight from authors, as well as from well-written agents.

If your wanting to distribute their manuscript, diagnose additional literature theya€™ve printed to ensure that yours matches employing the preferences and themes of their variety.


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