An extended requested ability with this plugin was tabcompleters, so now they truly are here! Other overall performance boosts and bug repairs had been put.

An extended requested ability with this plugin was tabcompleters, so now they truly are here! Other overall performance boosts and bug repairs had been put.

Unique material: – Tabcompleters for every single command! They are really helpful to have actually while they set every subcommand. – Hunters are now able to browse around during countdowns but also is invincible inside them.

Some other improvement: – Performance boosts (plug-in will lag the host much less) – Fixed bug of compass not.

1.3.0: Numerous Runner Support

After 7 period, 2+ athlete tracking assistance is here now! All notes of the posting is down the page:

Unique Articles: – Multiple Athlete Help! (The plug-in finally works together with multiple athlete and may turn monitoring among them by leftover pressing the compass) – Teamchat for hunters and athletes – 1.17.1 support different adjustment: – altered numerous various communications – additional brand-new setup alternatives

This is exactly maybe the greatest.

1.2.2: MC 1.17 Assistance

1.17 was at long last right here! It is a good type of minecraft with all their new features. Anyways, here are the launch records with this revise.

Brand-new content material: – 1.17 service (The plug-in deals with the modern version of minecraft) – Fortress tracker (In arrangement and toggleable), will give a handicap to a speedrunner by allowing all of them monitor the nether fortress – Recoded components of the plugin to really make it best more modifications: – altered.

1.2.1: Games and Insect repairs

Here you will find the launch notes of this upgrade. It has been some time since the final modify, so the next types could have a lot more content.

Bug repairs: – Fixed bug of perhaps not requiring authorization to utilize /runner – Clearing hunter’s compass fixed – Discord bot no longer working appropriate ended up being repaired

Unique content material: – refurbished teamchat and discord chat – produced information better and better – extra an Enderdragon slain name

The information and bug solutions which can be listed.

1.2.0: Discord Integration

Hello dudes, this is the enhance 1.2.0 and has now additional features.

Dissension integration is section of this change. Also several brand new config options came out. This is actually the listing:

– Discord integration: Toggles if integration is found on or off – Bot token: This is when you paste their dissension robot token, more information in classification. – Bot task: ready your own dissension bot task – Discord mc chat: Toggles speak from minecraft to discord – Discord mc channel: Paste ID for route to talk in, more information in.

1.1.4 Arrangement added

Hey, this is actually the brand new revise 1.1.4 and has now a config. Range of all configurable options would be listed below.

– Toggle on/off heal and feed on start – Toggle on/off obvious inventory and success reset on beginning – Toggle on/off point tracker

All options are listed in the config. Most changes will come in with brand-new config possibilities, if you have any options, put them during my discord. I hope all of you enjoy particularly this new modify!

1.1.3 Services and bug patches

Additional features arrived in this enhance. Also multiple pests got patched.

– /huntplus begin 0. a means to perform a manhunt fairly without a headstart

– times ready day, feed, and heal on start. Quality element for hunts starting

– user was previously in a position to beginning a-hunt while are runner and huntsman

– ceased an email that will pop-up after /huntplus begin

Command and quality function is what was in this upgrade. Further improve probably will need a config.yml for.

1.1.2 Range Tracker Ability

Hey guys, i am here with a new change. I stated easily would get 100 downloads, I would put a characteristic and this ability could be the point countertop! Here you will find the variety of items newer within posting along with details of the countertop:

– point Tracker shows how many blocks far from speedrunner – additionally reveals for the nether and conclusion but also for monitoring portal – Fixed a bug in which speedrunner couldn’t push during the headstart

All in all, this inform is mostly about the compass tracking. I’m hoping all of you appreciate!

1.1.1 Brand new assistance commands and permission

Discover several new things relating to this up-date. Let me reveal a listing:

– unique assist directions (New ones seem a whole lot nicer) – latest permission (manhuntplus.* enjoys the means to access all permissions) – Title information on huntsman release (If you the huntplus beginning order, whenever hunters were introduced, the athlete are certain to get a note on the monitor stating that they have been circulated along with an audio)

1.1.0 Unique instructions

Here are the up-date notes. There are a few new instructions, plus the plugin got recoded.

New Commands: – /hunter list/clear: listings all hunters, in addition to can eliminate them – /runner list/clear: Lists all speedrunners, plus can remove them all – /mhunt > /huntplus: the existing command is renamed

In general, i really hope you like this revise!